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Chicken Salami Pizza


  • 1 no pizza base  
  • 12-15 gm Salmi slice                                 
  • ½ cup cheese grated mozzarella                     
  • for the corner oil - olive blended
  • For dust semolina   
  • 2 laddle pizza sauce 

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  1. sprinkle semolina flour on  baking tray .
  2. Apply a little oli of pizza corner with help of Brush and place in the tray
  3. spread pizza sauce evenly over the pizza base
  4. Sprinkle  mozzarella cheese then Chicken Salami  
  5. Baked pizza in  preheated  oven about  6 minutes at 350°c
  6. Or baked pizza preheated oven about  15 to 18 minute at 200°c


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