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Pizza Dough


  • 1 KG  FLOUR                      
  • 5 GM YEST                          
  • 17 GM  SUGAR                                
  • 16    SALT                                             
  • 600 ml    WATER                                               
  • 60 ml     OLIVE OIL


  1. Take some warm water in the small bowl add yeast salt and sugar stir well until dissolves, in water then add in the flour.   
  2. while Making a dough of flour then add oil and water slowly in process until dough forms  (if dough is very sticky adding more flour)
  3. Transfer to big bowl then coat with oil. Cover the bowl  with plastic  wrap and let dough on rest  until doubled in size. about 1/2 hour. 
  4. Press down the dough. Make it big size of balls
  5. Roll It Out In A Big Round In Shape with help of roller then
  6. Dock the pizza using a dough docker to the size as you required   let it proof for about ½  hours.
  7. Now it is ready your pizza base  


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